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Historic Cheb

Historic roof structures - Cheb phenomenon

The preserved roof structures of Cheb form a set of unique historical wooden structures dating from the Middle Ages to the middle of the 20th century.

A roofed municipal bread oven

In the community garden in Májová street there is a new object situated – a roofed municipal bread oven. The construction, started by the Historic Cheb Endowment Fund in October 2019, is almost ready.

We celebrate the 700. Jubilee of oldest historical roof in Czech Republic

It was 700 years ago in 1319, when the roof was erected above the choir of the Franciscan church in Eger. This is the oldest known dendrochronologically dated roof in the territory of the Czech Republic.

International conference and meeting of experts on historical roof structures

In the cultural centre Svoboda in Cheb, there will meet experts on historical roof structures on 17. – 19. October 2019. They will discuss possible ways to present and make historical roof structures open to the public.

The Foundation fund Historic Cheb is founded by the town of Cheb.

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