The littlest gift to the right hand can change a lot

Why to support our fund?

We protect, renovate and administrate unique historic heritage in our town.

How to support us?

  • Share the information of the fund and its projects on the Facebook or twitter.
  • Come to see the roof structures.
  • Send a financial donation of whatever sum to one of our bank accounts

Donations in Czech crowns: 0-5539910/8030

Donations in EURO: 9694625/8030
IBAN: DE80 753900000009694625

Financial contribution provided by the Endowment Fund in 2019

According to the resolution of the board of directors No 53/3, the provision of the under-metioned financial contribution amounting to 331.500,- crowns was adopted, namely to the following claimants:

  • Mgr. Marie Mudrová and PhDr. Jakub Formánek, members of the preparatory committee of the project „Týden s židovskou kulturou“ (Jewish culture week), asked the Endowment Fund to secure additional money for the concert given as a reminder of the 75th holocaust anniversary, namely amounting to 90.000,- crowns. In this case, the Endowment Fund became a partner of the whole project..
  • Maria Loreto association asked the Endowment Fund for a contribution to the repair of three paintings placed in the cloister of the Maria Loreto Pilgrimage Site. As agreed, the provision amounting to 181.500,- crowns was allocated to a graduate of an art college Jaroslav Šindelář at first hand, to his company NEGEBU respectively. Mr Šindelář is the painter of the above-mentioned paintings and will repair them by the end of April 2020.
  • Petr Jaška, who is restoring a former fortress in Pomezná in recent years, asked the Endowment Fund for a financial support of the stone-built doorstep reconstruction. The board of directors came to an agreement on the provision amounting to 30.000,- crowns.

Donations for the Endowment Fund in 2019

  • Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Nordoberpfalz eG (Cheb branch)
    The board of directors of the Endowment Fund thanks the Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Nordoberpfalz eG for a provided financial gift amounting to 50.000,- crowns. The gift destined for an activity support was presented to the Endowment Fund by Ing. Pavel Rauscher, the Cheb branch´s manager.
  • The board of directors of the Endowment Fund thanks Mr Vít Lodr, a member of the Czech Tourist Club (Cheb branch), who contributes the amount of 2.500,- crowns to the work of the Endowment Fund every year.
  • The board of directors thanks the company Lesy Cheb, which has supported the Endowment Fund by the means of supplying building material for the construction of a replica of the oldest roof structure in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to all, who supported us

  • ALGON PLUS a.s.
  • APS s.r.o.
  • APT Skalná, s. r. o.
  • ASP služby, spol. s.r.o.
  • Bohemia Lignum, s.r.o.
  • Bruckert - betonové komponenty, s. r. o.
  • Chebská krajanská rada - Egerer Landtag
  • ESTO Cheb s. r. o.
  • František Linda
  • Hana Neústupná
  • HF Czechforge s.r.o.
  • IVA Leasing s. r. o.
  • J&B Invest s.r.o. - Jan Novotný
  • Jan Novotný
  • Jan Svoboda
  • Jiří Jabulka
  • Jiří Rak
  • Josef Benka
  • Jozef Czorba
  • Ladislav Jakl
  • LAGARDE SPEDITION spol. s.r.o.
  • Luděk Vystyd
  • Manželé Vaštovi
  • Martin Záboj
  • Metrostav a.s.
  • Michal Pospíšil
  • Miroslav Pavlák
  • Miroslav Plevný
  • Pavel Doucha
  • Pavel Vanoušek
  • Pegisan s. r. o.
  • Pracant, s. r. o.
  • Římskokatolická farnost Cheb
  • Schneeberger Mineralgusstechnik s. r. o.
  • SLOT Game a. s.
  • Stanislav Krtouš
  • TEREA Cheb s.r.o.
  • Ulrika Hart
  • Václav Jakl
  • Vít Lodr

Zřizovatelem Nadačního fondu Historický Cheb je město Cheb.

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