Projects of NFHCH

Carpentry workshop in the granary

Carpentry workshop in the granary on the occasion of the National Opening of the European Heritage Days and the celebration of the 700th anniversary of the pledge of Cheb to the Czech King John of Luxembourg

Restoration of the cross in Podhrad

The cooperation of the Historical Cheb Foundation with Stanislav Kučera continues.

Creation of a 3D model of a selected historical truss in Cheb

Project to create a 3D model of a selected historical truss in Cheb

Restoration of wayside shrine on the Swedish Hill

Restoration of wayside shrine on the Swedish Hill

Recultivation of the parc in Cheb’s Podhrad district

Another site in Cheb to regain a pleasing appearance thanks to the Endowment Fund.

Historic roof structures - a Cheb phenomenon

The roof structures preserved in Cheb are the most important assemblage of this kind of historic timber constructions dated from the middle ages to the mid-20th century in The Czech Republic.

Reconstruction of the towers of St. Nicolas' church in Cheb

The idea of the reconstruction of the church towers arose with the development of the foundation fund. The aim was to heal the scar on the town panorama by one of the last air attacks in 1945

Renovation of the summerhouse on The Golden Hill

Since only the column footings survived of the viewing summerhouse on The Golden Hill in Cheb, the council of the foundation fund has selected it as another monument to be restored

Adoption of Ferdinand Detter’s grave

The grave of the professor of German culture at Prague University, Ferdinnad Detter, is marked by a unique tombstone built by the sculptor Adolf Mayerl. He was born in Cheb, the son of a well-known local potter. He studied at a ceramics school in Teplice and became a master pupil of J. V. Myslbek at the Prague Academy.

The Large Way of the Cross in Starý Hrozňatov

The Foundation Fund Historic Cheb, which installed this board, will strive for the reconstruction of the complete way of pilgrimage with all its Stations of the Cross.

Renovation of the Jewish cemetery memorial

In this case the foundation fund heard a proposal of a woman from Cheb, and after a survey of the monument´s state the council has taken a charge of the renovation of this neglected memorial.

Cheb bench in Marktredwitz

A bench donated by the people from Cheb was installed by a fountain close to The Egerland museum in Marktredwitz. This was considered by the board of directors of NFHCH as a beneficial act to extend the information of its existence and activities beyond the town.

Secluded place dominated by Goethe´s bench

Pleasant secluded place, dominated by Goethe´s bench, was created below the Skalka dam embankment thanks to the Foundation fund Historic Cheb in cooperation with another council foundation The Cheb Forest, which partly funded the restoration of this site.